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Thursday, 31 December 2009

adjective. objective?

fickle |ˈfikəl| 
changing frequently, esp. as regards one's loyalties, interests, or affection 
likely to change, esp. due to caprice, irresolution, or instability; casually changeable 

-story of my life-

three is a magic number

i am determined to learn how to do this hopefully my efforts will be kindly rewarded with the gift of a singing voice similar to if not just like theirs

this video is rad
the more you watch it the better it gets

other recent additions to my youtube playlist include:
ace, led zeppelin, jimi hendrix, eric clapton, pink floyd, marvin gaye, joy division, the four seasons and the 
human league 
embracing the rock'n'rollers (thank you dad)


having forgone a haircut since the early days of summer the locks were greatly in need of a chop. upon my return for the holidays an immediate trip was taken to reintroduce myself to both my hairdresser & her lusty blades. the product of her work was one perfection-ally chiseled bowlcut. pictured above karen o of the yeah yeah yeahs a main inspiration for the look. the star alongside other more general souls sparked ideas which have previously passed to & fro in my mind for hours days months who knows how long.
ultimately the bowl is bowled & i now wear it with pride. tomorrow the style will face the verdict of my flat mate; a feat i feel she has been anticipating for the past couple of weeks- appararently counting down to in fact- her last message to me being 'see the bowl in like 24hours...'
personally i feel it a blast from the past, not far from the look of any one of the beatles (before lennon grew his out of course). however my french colleagues both adamant of it being the spitting image of mary someone or other a highly famous french singer from the sixties. either way it seems my mane has set me up for stardom- perhaps an era or so behind- but stardom nonetheless.

Sunday, 27 December 2009

a life lesson

subsequent to twenty-four days of hibernation i write with an idea brimmed mind.
my return to the dreamy village was made on wednesday 16th & with it the first flakes of snow were to fall that very evening. yet it was not the beauty of the white downs which summoned me but in fact the need to return to school for what was perhaps one of the very last times.
a school visit clarifying previous thoughts, inklings, to some extent fears- but ones i'd try to embrace. an unchanged atmosphere i don't doubt will continue to go on unchanged. teachers with their tired appearances far more evident to a subjective onlooker in comparison to the day to day student. overall an acknowledgment of the high standard environment, education and memories was made; all commodities i will not forget in a hurry. ones i am thankful for now. 
aside from the previous a sense of progress prevailed- now at university i cannot say i miss attending school as it was leading up to our departure. a time of growing apart and idealising the future. a lack of common interest and understanding was what left the system broken. in due course i expect to face such instances again, but it was the small personal details of the day that truly defined these breakdowns & that leave me a little cynical. a rude awakening of things i thought i had forgotten.
i guess this is the sort of learning school lessons cannot teach us but an inevitable lesson in life.

disappointingly i did not build one snow man amongst the many days of snow. & as a consequence i am unsure i appreciate all that comes with growing both older & wiser.

Thursday, 3 December 2009

i like birds?

ra ra ra
ra ra
my current state of mind...

'nuf said
peace & love x

in fact it's december third
i'll make the effort...


imaginative boy isn't he
bird fetish perhaps?

Sunday, 29 November 2009

vice up your life

delay, delay, delayed today. as each post drifts further apart it is high time to plaster the blogspot with fresh meat to chew. chew on this mon frere...

subsequent to a week or two of waiting for news, i was granted the role of vice student ambassador but five days ago now. now promoting the controversy of viceland, the sex, the drugs, the rock & roll, i can only dare you to get involved http://www.viceland.com/uk/ - http://www.VBS.tv/

whilst in the mood to share, toptip number two- pay a visit to london's national portrait gallery. 1960s photography exhibition 'beatles to bowie' is one to inform, admire & at some points smirk upon. furthermore the colour, pattern and composition make a change from todays highly photoshopped designs. below are three portraits which possess that indelible quality of an inspirational image:

pretty trippy ay

pink floyd
by vic singh 1967

that jacket. that nose.

the who
by colin jones 1966

vaseline on the lens

the rolling stones
on primrose hill 1966

& to finish, one extra
 just for the 'LOLs'

helen shapiro
by rex coleman, for baron studios 1962
definitely down with the sex, the drugs & the rock and roll

-until next time-
vice up your life

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

oo la la

upon the discovery of this video the evening of november 16th i found myself in awe of the illustrative 
production. still returning every few days to feast my eyes on the amusement of the final blaze the motion picture appears to have formed some sort of hypnotic hold over my mind.

as the film industry flourishes a little more each and everyday, i yearn to get involved. obviously not to the 
extent of creating my own 3D blockbuster. merely to capture and experiment. perchance old saint nick could help me out with the equipment; if not there's always ebay?? 

oh digital era, digital smeraa- so unavoidable we can only be engulfed by your can't beat it join it philosophy.
photographer extraordinaire nick knight even admits that the moving image might just redefine the role of 
illustration and photography as we know it- hence his SHOWstudio exhibition.
he couldn't beat it. he joined it.

but who's to complain? with such an open platform for expression and opportunity digitalization really must be a 
relief for those who believe 'these are hard times for dreamers'.
phew. phew. and phew again.

Saturday, 21 November 2009

the two month one week anniversaire

i have come to realise that today marks my arrival to greater London's Epsom at exactly two months and one week. shit. shock. horror. is all i have to say to that.
just yesterday my housemate & i were discussing the many adventures that we have had in such a short space of time. additionally we openly admitted that perhaps it is these experiences which leave us both frantically racing against time to meet our fast approaching monday morning deadline; more so then any fellow student we have spoken with.
despite this i would not have passed up any one of our mysterious acts or playful antics which accompany the contemporary youth culture we are now so accustom to. some of which were even beyond the reach of my right hand man, the disposable camera.

in celebration of such a momentous anniversary, these events and seeing the very last of this terms student loan frittered away on film development, i felt it necessary to share a few of the 'kodak moments'.




plus thank fuck pete & the shambles showed. a peachy night all round.

Thursday, 19 November 2009

nonchalant? blasé? inject me. bitch.

pure lethargy, nonchalance & an oh so blasé attitude undoubtedly overpower us all from time to time. similarly to simon pegg in his ever popular film 'run fatboy run' i persuade myself that i have merely met a wall in my marathon; this which you are reading now, is the beginning of me overcoming that wall.

perhaps the somewhat unpleasant yet oddly motivational term 'inject me' should have been chosen more wisely. with a babyshambles gig looming as tomorrow nights entertainment i ought to be careful what i wish for. peter doherty, a notorious drug baron. what? lets just hope he shows.

thrown into the void of university, an arts university at that, everything is an inspiration & nothing is an incorrect answer. simple right? overwhelmed, submerged, subdued i question the relevance of logic. nonetheless creativity seems to run in my veins and this logging of image, sound & thought might just get me grounded. plus who knew my myspace html skills would have proved so useful once more?! obviously blogging is where it's at.
flashbacks of '500 days of summer' occur in my mind. the jewish looking guy pioneering the idea that writing will help overcome troubles- in the case of the film, troubles that relationships bring. 
alternatively he could just man up. get an earful of jay z '99 problems'. & get out there.

on that disgustingly hypocritical note i too shall 'get out there' and get climbing that wall.
over & out from me. until tomorrow.

i should have been writing an essay whilst creating this.
i could have chosen to go to that house party the other side of town.
but what is it you're avoiding?

get in gear dear.