. a familiar stranger .


Monday, 22 February 2010

way back when our hair was long

we would sing
i hear your boy's a ketamine king

nasal appraisal

a few days from now i will travel home to celebrate the birthdays of old friends & even older family members. no drama. hello mother, father & dear old grandpapa on your 80th - happy birthday & how do you like my nose ring?? -
jaws drop glasses fall outcast from the family i become.
my only hope may be the recent purchase of a hamper. a remedy to my father's pain. the seller herself referred to its beauty & suitability for a picnic on the downs. are my origins so obvious?? coincidence?? or a sign?? either way if the wicker delight is not a bold enough distraction i guess there is always the option to wear it over the face as a disguise to the nasal embellishment.
wish me luck

Sunday, 21 February 2010

snip it

convincing myself i do a fair amount of work at university. snippets from a two week imaging project. dubious that time management will ever be my forte the past few weeks of fast pase deadlines with more to come have had me up for more than a night or two. fashion is my boyfriend. we have a banging time.

a weekend in the city

last saturday through to monday i beavered away at industry trade show 'stitch'. a menswear event which incorporated designers both new & old alongside buyers, managers & press.
amongst the many beautiful people a favourite of mine was arabian englishman omar kashoura. his work innovative & fresh; something that could so easily seem overrated, yet it did not.

with innumerable high achievers in such a confined space, the admirable names & institutions behind them it is questionable why so many continue to go unnamed. furthermore being told 'there is no money in fashion' at the function after party, i wonder why still i myself am not deterred from such a false industry?? perhaps it was the glamourous citizens & dreamy illumination of the nighttime thames riverbank which were distracting me from the truth behind the words.

Monday, 8 February 2010

what ifs & maybes

one day i'll drop everything logical to become a pretentious art fag
though i question whether it will make me content, it crosses my mind daily
but rather than let that obstruct the here & now
i will save it for a rainy day