. a familiar stranger .


Tuesday, 12 October 2010


a fast paced first attempt at animation.
social, political, anatomical. ideas inspired by the theory of paracelsus 'only the acme of man is man'.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

the human animal

  stills taken from 'attack on the bakery' by naoto yamakawa.



psycho-geographical peckham





exclamation brow

unstirred by clothing design for many-a-month now, at last an arousal of the senses 
& what's more the brow.

players performers portrayers


as a fashion student of sorts twice a year ever year the consensus is to lend a hand in london fashion week. this fall 
lucky enough to dress for both the unconditional show as well as richard nicoll; richard nicoll the more striking of the two.
inspired by androgyne, david bowie & soundtrack by bowie the show commenced at nightfall. projected in the glass 
roofing of the old eurostar building at waterloo, the performance completely sublime.
pictured above two homemade prints inspired by a predominant piece of the nicoll s/s11 collection.