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Saturday, 31 July 2010

bear it / bare it

a collage on coffee 
created not so long ago yet not so recently either.

Wednesday, 28 July 2010




Tuesday, 27 July 2010

me(e)t a boy


handcrafted a vest in celebration of zeppelin. too often convinced technology is no playmate 
of mine the production of this post bares evidence of a first attempt at photoshop.
aware that it will not always be hip 2b-sq'; a much needed welcoming to twenty-first century technology.

Monday, 26 July 2010

un chien andalou

un chien andalou (1928)

way back when in november of double-o-nine at the very beginnings of this blog, a sudden statement was made referring to a fresh interest in film & its production. since, the original interest has been furthered with thanks to a lynch based project, the prospective opportunity to create during our next semester along with a wider viewing of general & international video: film, music, performance inc. skate&blade.
sixteen minutes of transfixion followed todays discovery of above film un chien andalou. two personal artworld favourites dadaism & surrealism ignite an interest in greats such as salvador dali & his captivating train of thought. un chien andalou a collaboration between spanish director luis bunuel & dali himself. produced in france during the avant-garde movement of the late nineteen twenties & thereafter both men lived as accepted figures within the surrealist art movement also of that time. the picture later accompanying music by both bowie & the pixies.
with most image there is an expectation to analyse & indeed over anaylse yet a certain sense of relief is attached to said motion picture in the knowledge that "nothing, in the film, symbolises anything. the only method of investigation of the symbols would be, perhaps, psychoanalysis"-bunuel. the irrational nature & narrative of the film lending itself to dream logic & free association; could any mysterious dream of yours or mine ever compare??

finally whilst considering the qualities of surreal imagery there's a great urge to transfer dali's seven nudes skull into a newfangled piece of body art.

Monday, 5 July 2010


for enlightenment click here

Saturday, 3 July 2010

encephalon |enˈsefəˌlän; -lən|

noun anatomythe brain.


frank is a favourite of mine

Friday, 2 July 2010

sink or swim


recently feeling a great lose of faith in humanity the older & wiser shared some words on stoicism & shed some light on experiences yet to be fathomed. the primary thought having been that surely benevolence must exist for the word to be legitimately used & understood?? 
posted bedside are the verses of rudyard kipling; listed sideways for reading whilst dreaming. not necessarily a guide to life but hopefully truth without tale. read & appreciated in complete contrast to the current & encircling hype.
the layout a first attempt at typewriting. though somewhat generic the skill remains useful. initially structured by the want for perfection, but that soon to be exchanged for a far more personal production. alignment occurring in verse two along with the discovery of grammatical symbols. enjoying the progress throughout before the final verse prevails. though this is not my desk & this is not my typewriter, there is hope that my time will be shared once more.

typing session two may in fact see the formation of local news agent advertisement:'swimming lessons required in the aim to restore trust in those relied upon & trust in own ability/agility. thank you. yours, G'                                            

(sorry for the cynicism (& other stories))