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Wednesday, 15 September 2010

over & out

   this week the intention is to make this peyote
   or perhaps
   simply create photos of your mother


Sunday, 5 September 2010

bones are made in the womb

as a creative there is a natural appreciation for a range of disciplines & methods of production. of late collage seems to 
be a particularly prominent outlet for my own artistry. on occasion it may seem to be a cheat, with no specific need to put 
pen paint or otherwise to paper. however the ability to create not just a seamless image but a convincing concept ought 
not to be underestimated.

in the same way that collage may cheat practical skill, art college can easily cheat the academic mind. this time two years 
ago the question 'when does science become art??' arose; since an interest in anatomical illustration has developed. above 
the work of richard russell & below that of wangechi mutu. determined to remain connected & interested in traditional 
academics, both artists & their surreal collages appeal to this need providing the perfect fusion of art, science & anthropology.