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Friday, 21 May 2010

my mate dave



(fourth image by landan metz http://www.landonmetz.com/)

Thursday, 20 May 2010

i dig everything

can you diggit??

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

the jaws of life

at times i am socially awkward
sometimes it is purposely done
more often than not it is a downfall
occasionally it can be fun

Thursday, 13 May 2010

oh deer

icelandic glitch & comic theatre
sigur rós step aside

nothing's personal

yesterday one hundred facebook friends were removed.
today, how many have noticed??

scandinavia behavi'a en

a recent obsession with products of scandinavian descent led me to london's well hidden parasol unit. deep within lay a 360 cinema, screening the works of finnish film & video artist eija-liisa ahtila. despite the scene of pitch black & the obvious language barrier the imagery & its meaning were far from lost in translation. the drama intense and the atmosphere evocative of life outside of our own knowledge.

scandinavia behavi'a två

additionally the designs of csm MA graduate laura mackness have been placed in collaboration with swedish label weekday. the palette pure, neutral & effeminate; the design simple at a glance, individual at two. reflective of stereotypical thoughts on scandinavian lifestyle. there is no doubt of the influence on my own current sense of style.

scandinavia behavi'a tre

finally, though geographically dissimilar from the two previous, amsterdam based joost vandebrug presents a combination of european film & tonal cleanliness. the filmmaker & photographer working with light, focus & suitable lens, presenting the theme of youthful living in an admirable light whilst honoring the potential of contemporary fashion.


jesus died & rose again within one extended weekend. since the easter period a constant train of thought has been running beneath the bridge of the brow. due to a series of minor frustrations & a particularly busy schedule of late, online documentation has been put to one side. 
the depicted trinity being three of four notes explaining the who, what, when, where & why of recent elusive activity - more to be divulged on these topics as soon as.

in the meantime perhaps a prayer will resurrect my shoddy scanner to my own right hand side.