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Friday, 2 July 2010

sink or swim


recently feeling a great lose of faith in humanity the older & wiser shared some words on stoicism & shed some light on experiences yet to be fathomed. the primary thought having been that surely benevolence must exist for the word to be legitimately used & understood?? 
posted bedside are the verses of rudyard kipling; listed sideways for reading whilst dreaming. not necessarily a guide to life but hopefully truth without tale. read & appreciated in complete contrast to the current & encircling hype.
the layout a first attempt at typewriting. though somewhat generic the skill remains useful. initially structured by the want for perfection, but that soon to be exchanged for a far more personal production. alignment occurring in verse two along with the discovery of grammatical symbols. enjoying the progress throughout before the final verse prevails. though this is not my desk & this is not my typewriter, there is hope that my time will be shared once more.

typing session two may in fact see the formation of local news agent advertisement:'swimming lessons required in the aim to restore trust in those relied upon & trust in own ability/agility. thank you. yours, G'                                            

(sorry for the cynicism (& other stories))

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