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Sunday, 21 February 2010

a weekend in the city

last saturday through to monday i beavered away at industry trade show 'stitch'. a menswear event which incorporated designers both new & old alongside buyers, managers & press.
amongst the many beautiful people a favourite of mine was arabian englishman omar kashoura. his work innovative & fresh; something that could so easily seem overrated, yet it did not.

with innumerable high achievers in such a confined space, the admirable names & institutions behind them it is questionable why so many continue to go unnamed. furthermore being told 'there is no money in fashion' at the function after party, i wonder why still i myself am not deterred from such a false industry?? perhaps it was the glamourous citizens & dreamy illumination of the nighttime thames riverbank which were distracting me from the truth behind the words.

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