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Thursday, 31 December 2009


having forgone a haircut since the early days of summer the locks were greatly in need of a chop. upon my return for the holidays an immediate trip was taken to reintroduce myself to both my hairdresser & her lusty blades. the product of her work was one perfection-ally chiseled bowlcut. pictured above karen o of the yeah yeah yeahs a main inspiration for the look. the star alongside other more general souls sparked ideas which have previously passed to & fro in my mind for hours days months who knows how long.
ultimately the bowl is bowled & i now wear it with pride. tomorrow the style will face the verdict of my flat mate; a feat i feel she has been anticipating for the past couple of weeks- appararently counting down to in fact- her last message to me being 'see the bowl in like 24hours...'
personally i feel it a blast from the past, not far from the look of any one of the beatles (before lennon grew his out of course). however my french colleagues both adamant of it being the spitting image of mary someone or other a highly famous french singer from the sixties. either way it seems my mane has set me up for stardom- perhaps an era or so behind- but stardom nonetheless.

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