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Sunday, 27 December 2009

a life lesson

subsequent to twenty-four days of hibernation i write with an idea brimmed mind.
my return to the dreamy village was made on wednesday 16th & with it the first flakes of snow were to fall that very evening. yet it was not the beauty of the white downs which summoned me but in fact the need to return to school for what was perhaps one of the very last times.
a school visit clarifying previous thoughts, inklings, to some extent fears- but ones i'd try to embrace. an unchanged atmosphere i don't doubt will continue to go on unchanged. teachers with their tired appearances far more evident to a subjective onlooker in comparison to the day to day student. overall an acknowledgment of the high standard environment, education and memories was made; all commodities i will not forget in a hurry. ones i am thankful for now. 
aside from the previous a sense of progress prevailed- now at university i cannot say i miss attending school as it was leading up to our departure. a time of growing apart and idealising the future. a lack of common interest and understanding was what left the system broken. in due course i expect to face such instances again, but it was the small personal details of the day that truly defined these breakdowns & that leave me a little cynical. a rude awakening of things i thought i had forgotten.
i guess this is the sort of learning school lessons cannot teach us but an inevitable lesson in life.

disappointingly i did not build one snow man amongst the many days of snow. & as a consequence i am unsure i appreciate all that comes with growing both older & wiser.

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