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Saturday, 21 November 2009

the two month one week anniversaire

i have come to realise that today marks my arrival to greater London's Epsom at exactly two months and one week. shit. shock. horror. is all i have to say to that.
just yesterday my housemate & i were discussing the many adventures that we have had in such a short space of time. additionally we openly admitted that perhaps it is these experiences which leave us both frantically racing against time to meet our fast approaching monday morning deadline; more so then any fellow student we have spoken with.
despite this i would not have passed up any one of our mysterious acts or playful antics which accompany the contemporary youth culture we are now so accustom to. some of which were even beyond the reach of my right hand man, the disposable camera.

in celebration of such a momentous anniversary, these events and seeing the very last of this terms student loan frittered away on film development, i felt it necessary to share a few of the 'kodak moments'.




plus thank fuck pete & the shambles showed. a peachy night all round.

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