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Thursday, 19 November 2009

nonchalant? blasé? inject me. bitch.

pure lethargy, nonchalance & an oh so blasé attitude undoubtedly overpower us all from time to time. similarly to simon pegg in his ever popular film 'run fatboy run' i persuade myself that i have merely met a wall in my marathon; this which you are reading now, is the beginning of me overcoming that wall.

perhaps the somewhat unpleasant yet oddly motivational term 'inject me' should have been chosen more wisely. with a babyshambles gig looming as tomorrow nights entertainment i ought to be careful what i wish for. peter doherty, a notorious drug baron. what? lets just hope he shows.

thrown into the void of university, an arts university at that, everything is an inspiration & nothing is an incorrect answer. simple right? overwhelmed, submerged, subdued i question the relevance of logic. nonetheless creativity seems to run in my veins and this logging of image, sound & thought might just get me grounded. plus who knew my myspace html skills would have proved so useful once more?! obviously blogging is where it's at.
flashbacks of '500 days of summer' occur in my mind. the jewish looking guy pioneering the idea that writing will help overcome troubles- in the case of the film, troubles that relationships bring. 
alternatively he could just man up. get an earful of jay z '99 problems'. & get out there.

on that disgustingly hypocritical note i too shall 'get out there' and get climbing that wall.
over & out from me. until tomorrow.

i should have been writing an essay whilst creating this.
i could have chosen to go to that house party the other side of town.
but what is it you're avoiding?

get in gear dear.

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