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Sunday, 29 November 2009

vice up your life

delay, delay, delayed today. as each post drifts further apart it is high time to plaster the blogspot with fresh meat to chew. chew on this mon frere...

subsequent to a week or two of waiting for news, i was granted the role of vice student ambassador but five days ago now. now promoting the controversy of viceland, the sex, the drugs, the rock & roll, i can only dare you to get involved http://www.viceland.com/uk/ - http://www.VBS.tv/

whilst in the mood to share, toptip number two- pay a visit to london's national portrait gallery. 1960s photography exhibition 'beatles to bowie' is one to inform, admire & at some points smirk upon. furthermore the colour, pattern and composition make a change from todays highly photoshopped designs. below are three portraits which possess that indelible quality of an inspirational image:

pretty trippy ay

pink floyd
by vic singh 1967

that jacket. that nose.

the who
by colin jones 1966

vaseline on the lens

the rolling stones
on primrose hill 1966

& to finish, one extra
 just for the 'LOLs'

helen shapiro
by rex coleman, for baron studios 1962
definitely down with the sex, the drugs & the rock and roll

-until next time-
vice up your life

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