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Tuesday, 24 November 2009

oo la la

upon the discovery of this video the evening of november 16th i found myself in awe of the illustrative 
production. still returning every few days to feast my eyes on the amusement of the final blaze the motion picture appears to have formed some sort of hypnotic hold over my mind.

as the film industry flourishes a little more each and everyday, i yearn to get involved. obviously not to the 
extent of creating my own 3D blockbuster. merely to capture and experiment. perchance old saint nick could help me out with the equipment; if not there's always ebay?? 

oh digital era, digital smeraa- so unavoidable we can only be engulfed by your can't beat it join it philosophy.
photographer extraordinaire nick knight even admits that the moving image might just redefine the role of 
illustration and photography as we know it- hence his SHOWstudio exhibition.
he couldn't beat it. he joined it.

but who's to complain? with such an open platform for expression and opportunity digitalization really must be a 
relief for those who believe 'these are hard times for dreamers'.
phew. phew. and phew again.

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