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Thursday, 3 June 2010

room of masks

events of late

a friend of mine launched a modelling agency in mayfair club jalouse, suited & booted myself & four attended champagne & sushi at hand. a night in which everything was outside of any usual student haunt.
university peers entered a competition in association with river island. their fashion show held at epsom racecourse, styled by alexis knox & sponsored by vitamin water. lending a hand in dressing models allowed an insider view as the event & its atmosphere unfolded, overall a grand sight for all.
additionally enjoying the opportunity to assist a tutor in their work, a brick lane stall was manned. the 'illustrators special' rummage sale hosting a variety of london based artist each from their own studios & pools of creativity. garudio studiage being that of said tutor.
in return invitations were dealt. predominantly an evening spent at the future gallery to attend the launch of the live issue an up & coming interactive magazine. guests included the faces seen the previous day showing their own work at somerset house's graphics exhibition pick me up. a personal brush with pam hogg & a photographic shot of her sultry sandwich eating saw her metaphorically bite as harshly has she did her ham. the evidence stands below.

the most recent attended again at the future gallery, courvoisier sponsored futuretense. entered through some luck with the excuse 'vice sent...' two attended twice. the first night an intense buyers evening the second a free flowing reception party. futuretense opening an art exhibition formed of work supporting artists expressing themselves without having gone through the traditional art college route. a favourite of mine being joseph loughborough; an artist from portsmouth now producing a number of mainly charcoal works in his hackney wick studio east london.
in spite of all these events the note that stuck amongst all the glory was that from a drunk & spitting gallery owner stating that all we are doing is bullshit. find your own & go it alone. in response forgetting the point of fashion & losing the ability to argue back; what's more the most content observed that evening truly was none other than a tube tramp & his exhausted viola. fashion the facade for all.

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