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Tuesday, 9 March 2010


fortunes of a fortnight: 
a friend to stay - blood red shoes upon the stage - flat-mate fighting for all to see
city visits - road trip - sickness in the a.m.
friendships gained - a moving-out - a moving on
the wet weekend - home with a moat in need of a boat
a rejected lover
three & a half birthdays - not so many births
sleep deprivation - deadline days - a walk of discovery
torn trousers - trousers take two
picnicking in the park - hamper harassment 'the picnic in your vagina' to be precise
a broken budget - a bulging body
& yet no photographic documentation to disclose.

for some time now i have endeavored to collect & recollect weekly photojournalism articles. thank goodness a genius or two took the time to document events such as these, events far more iconic than my own naive weeks. the results enlighten, intrigue & invigorate. history merges on society & births a timeless aid.

-to name but a few

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